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Biggest Worm I’ve Ever Seen

Sorry…there is no photo of the alien that was living in our compost pile. I was too busy passing out / clawing up Daniel’s arm / vomiting in my mouth to have the sense of mind to actually snap a photo of this thing. And, before I could convince her otherwise, Auntie ate it. Yes, Auntie the ever-curious-never-bashful around food-compost-digging chicken ate this gargantuan creature that resembled a snake much more than it did a worm.

I know, I know, I should be OK with these things. What can I say? Phobias are weird things. And mine happens to include all forms of “bugs”, particularly the crunchy and unpredictable kind. While a worm doesn’t exactly fit into either of these categories,  I have now defined a new category of bugs that should be avoided: those that are uber gooey and which elicit immediate thoughts of being smothered in an endless pile of such gooeyness.

If you’d like to try your hand at growing the biggest worm you’ve ever seen, here’s a nice basic article on worms and composting. In fact, this blog post was supposed to be all about composting, and somehow I got so distracted about yesterday’s worm encounter that my thoughts were entirely consumed, leaving zero creative juice left to extol the merits of maintaining your own compost pile.

And for your viewing pleasure…

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