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Social Media Shorts: Start (or Improve) Your Blog

blogIf you’re human, you’re probably overwhelmed with all of the social media tools out there.

As I come across an article or concept in social media that I find particularly useful, I’ll share it with you here. I’m learning too.  Just click on the category “Social Media Shorts” to see the collection.


Start (or Improve) Your Blog

This is a bit of a sore subject. I wish I was an expert at CSS and custom WordPress.com design. I am not. I prefer writing to design, so I am focusing on my strengths and slowly turning my weaknesses upside down. That means my blog is constantly under construction until I find (make? fabricate out of thin air?) the time needed to really learn this stuff. To that end, I earnestly appreciate all my readers who keep coming back, despite the ever-unfinished layout.

Fortunately, the “prettiness” of the web page isn’t factored into whether or not it pops up in a search. It sure does help with reader enjoyment, but for today’s Social Media Short I’ll just focus on how to create an optimized blog. Again, many thanks to Deltina Hay and Social Media Power for her succinct and ever-practical wisdom.

  1.  Fill out your user profile completely. Everyone who’s ever spoken on the topic of organic SEO has mentioned the importance of this. Not only are you filling out the entire profile, but you’re using consistent keywords wherever possible. You’re using descriptive words as titles and tags for your profile photo. You’re referencing or linking to your other social media profiles. You’ve got a bio of about 100 words containing a couple of your best tags. You rock!
  2. Make a list of key words and phrases that describe your brand, your product, your mission, your service, your industry, your niche market, etc. These words become your tags, your categories, your titles, and also become part of your content.
  3. Pick  your theme wisely (no small task). In WordPress, each theme is capable of varying functions. Really do your homework here, as you’d hate to be attached to the look of one theme, only to realize it doesn’t support a particular function that you’re in love with.
  4. Enable readers to follow your blog with both RSS and email subscription options. Use WordPress widgets and/or Feedburner.
  5. Enable trackbacks/pingbacks on your blog. Honestly, this is very new to me. It kind of seems like a way to give kudos to a blog post. Sort of like a comment, but someone else has actually linked TO your blog from their own. It’s a compliment to the author to ping them, so that means it’s a nice way to make friends and followers in the blogosphere. It’s also a nice way for your content to spread beyond your immediate following audience.
  6. Post frequently. This can be interpreted in many ways, but “they” say you should blog 3-5 days a week. Yikes! That’s a lot of blogging!
  7. Place social bookmarking and other “share” buttons in each post. This should be an easy option to enable in blog settings.
  8. Claim your blog on Technorati. It’s only the most popular blog search database…
I realize this list is painfully limited, and that each of these points is deserving of an entire page. Not to mention the gazillion other aspects of an effective blog. This being a humble blog post, I hope it at least helps to lay out the framework for your blogging endeavors.

* I am not receiving any sort of financial incentive to promote these authors. I’ve just read their stuff and found it to be useful when structuring a social media plan *


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