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Social Media Shorts: Who’s Your Audience?

AudienceIf you’re human, you’re probably overwhelmed with all of the social media tools out there.

As I come across an article or concept in social media that I find particularly useful, I’ll share it with you here. I’m learning too.  Just click on the category “Social Media Shorts” to see the collection.


Who’s Your Audience?

In order to know what to say and how to say it online, you need to be aware of what’s already being said. If there’s talk about your industry, your interests, or your company, you should know about it so you can target your social media efforts appropriately. You need to identify your influencers.

Take a look at these five (free!) tools to help you weed through the social muck. These, and more, are discussed at length in Paul Gillen’s book, Secrets of Social Media Marketing:

  1. Technorati:  reveals news and blog topics that are popular right now. Also reveals trending topics.
  2. Twittorati: Like Technorati, but for twitter. Helps you find out what tags and topics are popular.
  3. Google Alerts: Sends you custom updates when there is a new web mention on topics of interest: products, brands, competitors…
  4. Digg: self-described as “the best news, videos and pictures on the web as voted on by the Digg community”
  5. Delicious: Social bookmarking. This is collection of websites that have been bookmarked by users. The user attaches Tags (keywords) that are relevant to each bookmark. So you can do a keyword search for a specific tag knowing that the results you get are influenced by real people’s classification of the web, rather than having been computer-generated. (Hay, The Social Media Survival Guide, p. 200) In searching for one tag,  you may discover another important and relevant tag to include in your own posts in order to attract the interest of your target audience.
* I am not receiving any sort of financial incentive to promote these authors. I’ve just read their stuff and found it to be useful when structuring a social media plan * 

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