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Social Media Shorts: Just Do It

Act NowIf you’re human, you’re probably overwhelmed with all of the social media tools out there.

As I come across an article or concept in social media that I find particularly useful, I’ll share it with you here. I’m learning too.

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Just Do It

Using social media is no longer an option. If you or your company want to be found you’d better get your act together. Fortunately, the scope of social media is evolving way faster than any sane person can follow. Why is that so fortunate? Because  your chances of having even a little success with just a little effort are pretty good. Not many people are true experts of this emerging industry. You do not need to have been a power user of YouTube since its inception in order for your video to be found. You don’t even need to have your own blog to read and comment on others’ ( you should have your own blog, but that’s an entire topic in itself. More  on that soon).  Just play around with the different social platforms out there, and pick 4 or 5 tools that make sense for your company.

One of Paul Gillin‘s “secrets” of social media marketing is to “embrace niche markets,…the future of marketing. As customers become increasingly numb to mass-market advertising and pay less attention to mainstream media, specialty channels have flourished…Social media continues that trend by enabling individuals to interact with very specific groups of like-minded people. Marketers must learn to engage with people according to their narrow interests because there may be no other way to reach them.”

Let’s say you start a small business. This business is called “I Ain’t Got Time”. Your main product is a time-eraser. Yep. You somehow figured out how to give people more time in their day by just “erasing” time for a little while (you can tell I’ve fantasized about this, huh). In a sense, customers can “buy” time from you.

Here are three different social tools and how you might use them to promote I Ain’t Got Time:

  1. YouTube Channel – post a bunch of videos in the theme “What would YOU do if you had more time?” Encourage audience participation.
  2. LinkedIn Profile – Establish a professional profile for both yourself and your company. Join “groups” of frazzled folk who don’t have enough time. Contribute to conversations (especially the “Answers” section) with like-minded  professionals and be seen as an expert in the field.
  3. Blog/RSS feed – integrate ALL of your other social channels and your website with your blog. This is the hub from which to connect with other people’s hubs (blogs). Maybe run a contest on the blog to engage all your readers.

Obviously this is all silly business, but you get the idea.It’s better to do something than nothing at all! And don’t try to appeal to everyone. Focus on a specific target audience!

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4 Comments on “Social Media Shorts: Just Do It”

  1. Jules Thomas February 12, 2012 at 12:49 pm #

    I love the last line, focus on a specific target audience! Splatter gun approach isn’t going to work here, it didn’t work for recruitment agencies and it won’t work for you! Thanks for posting a great article


  2. Wolverine February 24, 2012 at 11:11 pm #

    You’re right, it’s not an option for me to use social media. I’m old school and gonna die that way.


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