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Tandem road tour: Hope

Weekly Photo Challenge: Hope

The folks over at have this great thing going. Each week a new theme is presented, and bloggers are encouraged to share a photograph that brings to life their interpretation of that theme. Since I enjoy photos and I enjoy sharing common goals, I figure it will be fun to participate  in the weekly […]

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Awareness and Appreciation, Part 1

So there I was, in a moment of simple appreciation. It didn’t start out as anything profound; I was just enjoying the moment and grateful for the opportunity to be in that moment. It occurred to me that in order to appreciate, we must first be aware. Obviously our awareness ebbs and flows and is […]

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Testing, Testing…Is This Thing On?

….Aaaaaaand we’re back! Did I mention that I’ll be using this blog as a tool for all of my WordPress learning experiments? Yep. Hence the new (and still evolving) design and the embarrassing radio silence since the last post. And if you belong to the ambitious group of subscribers who signed on right away to […]

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The Results Have Spoken. Lucy Wins!

Thanks to everyone who participated in the What Interests You? poll – it was fun to follow. You want to hear more about living intentionally and less about medical academia. I love it! If you haven’t voted, it’s never too late. I’ll check back on the updated results from time to time and will take your suggestions […]

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The Makings of a Butternut-Inspired Smoothie

When Life Gives you Lemons, Make …Smoothies?

Surprises are fun, but the anticipation kills me. Long term goals are nice, but I want to reach them now. Budgeting is necessary, but dangit if I have to save up to afford a nice purchase. See a trend here? The latest obsession (and I don’t use that word lightly) in this household is a […]

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Let’s Get This Blog Rolling, Shall We?

Blog numero duo! While I still intend to keep my family and friends and random lurking strangers fully in the loop on my personal exploits via blog numero uno, La Vita e Bella, I am now embarking on a new and more formalized blog, the Literary Gadabout. There is no shortage of curiosities floating around in […]

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